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Foreigner turns things upside down in central Pattaya and is arrested


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Foreigner turns things upside down in central Pattaya and is arrested

Yesterday afternoon an unknown foreigner was arrested after causing what the Pattaya police called a “major public disorder”. The whole scene originated near Patrick’s Steakhouse on Second Road, opposite Mike Shopping Mall.

The foreigner, whose name and nationality have not been released to the Pattaya police, has been described by police as “extreme and totally unhinged”. The man allegedly threatened and yelled at other passers-by and then holed up in a toilet at a nearby massage parlour shop when police arrived. He was not a customer of the massage parlour and fled into the massage parlour, trying to evade the police.

A witness to the incident, who declined to be named, claimed the foreign man appeared to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and was acting “violently”, terrifying local residents and tourists and causing widespread public disorder.

Another witness claimed that the foreign man was seen regularly on Pattaya Beach and may have been destitute.

The suspect was forcibly pulled from the bathroom by several police officers, municipal police and even lifeguards and taken to a local police station.

An investigation is underway.

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