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Foreigners who do not wear face masks in Thailand are problem cases, according to the vice-governor of Phuket – Video


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The Vice Governor of Phuket has turned the pot upside down by calling what he described “troubled foreigners” who don’t wear face masks in public.

In the past week, there has been renewed attention for wearing mouth masks at all times, even though this has actually been part of Thailand’s emergency decree since April last year.

Although extensive use has been made of this protection in the past year, the use of mouth masks may have decreased in recent months.

But I have to say that the SOLID majority of all people in Thailand have been wearing their mouth masks while out in public for the past year.

But of course, there are some problem for foreigners. There are also many problem Thais who have occasionally made a mistake not to wear a face mask. Intentional and deliberate non-wearing of masks is very rare in Thailand.

But actually, we are talking about a small percentage, even the Thai prime minister renounced to wear a mouth mask during a meeting in the government building last Monday, which ended up on a fine of 6,000 baht.

But if you really want to talk about not wearing protective gear, take a look at the pub and club scene over the past few months. In almost all photos of parties and club events, it is the struggle to find someone who actually wears a face mask.

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