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Former top footballer Ryan Giggs admits cheating: “I’m a flirt”


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Former footballer Ryan Giggs has admitted to cheating during his relationship with his ex-partner. He made that confession during a lawsuit in Manchester, where he had to answer for domestic violence charges filed by his ex and her sister.

It’s been a busy week for Giggs. The entire week is dominated by the lawsuit. The 48-year-old former football player was questioned today by his own lawyer. Giggs denied all allegations of domestic violence, but did say that an argument with his ex-girlfriend and her sister had gotten out of hand.

Giggs’ ex stated that the former Manchester United player had headbutted and elbowed during the altercation. He is also said to have sent her out of the hotel room naked once, after she suspected him of cheating. Giggs confessed during the hearing that he had cheated on several times during the relationship with his ex. “I’m a flirt by nature ,” he said.

Due to the various affairs, Giggs lost his job as the national coach of Wales at the end of 2020. He was arrested by the police, after which the union suspended him. The former football player decided to completely resign from his position in June.

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