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Godchild R. Kelly Testifies: “Sexed Hundreds of Times Before I Was 18”


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Godchild R. Kelly Testifies: “Sexed Hundreds of Times Before I Was 18”

R Kelly’s godson told a Chicago court last Thursday that she was sexually assaulted by the singer hundreds of times before she turned eighteen. The first time was at the age of 14. The now 37-year-old woman gave this statement under the pseudonym Jane. She would also be the woman, who can be seen in the sex video submitted in 2008 as evidence against R. Kelly.

Jane’s testimony is an important part of Kelly’s trial. The woman would actually testify in 2008. She withdrew at that time when a sex video was shown in which she could be seen. Now she tells her story. Jane met the singer when she was 13 through her aunt. She immediately looked up to Kelly and asked him to be her godfather. R. Kelly’s godson says she was 14 years old when the singer first touched her. From that moment on she always had sex with the singer with other underage women. Jane tells the court that this must have happened “countless, very often, hundreds of times” in his home, recording studios and tour buses alike.

In 2008, Kelly was said to have manipulated and paid witnesses not to testify or even lie. This would have led to the singer not being convicted and acquitted of sexual abuse of minors and making and possessing child pornography. As a form of manipulation, the singer paid Jane and her parents to travel to the Bahamas or Mexico. The suspicions of manipulation surrounding the lawsuit in 2008 will be discussed in detail later in the current trial.

The singer was sentenced to 30 years in prison at the end of June. He was then found guilty in New York court of leading an organization that aimed to abuse women and underage girls. At this point in Chicago, there are multiple child abuse charges, plus the child pornography charge. Four alleged victims are expected to testify in the near future.

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