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Gold chain ‘snatcher’ pulled on his jacket by Pattaya police within four hours


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A thief who claimed to be unemployed was arrested by Pattaya police after only four hours on the run. Colonel Kullachart Kullachai, chief of police at the Pattaya Beach Road Police Station, was arrested. This is after the 30-year-old man, Theeramate Rasameduen, allegedly snatched a gold necklace from a Thai woman in Soi Buakhao with her foreign boyfriend. 

According to reports, Theeramate immediately jumped on a motorcycle after the theft and chugged away the victim’s gold necklace, but he was not allowed to look at the shiny gold for long. It took the police only four hours to trace him and arrested the perpetrator at his home.

Theeramate reportedly confessed to his crime, claiming that he did it on a sudden impulse because he was stressed and short on money because he was unemployed. “I want to apologize to the victim. I’m in a downward spiral of life and really don’t know what to do anymore,” the suspect confessed to Chief Commissioner Kullachart. He also claimed that he had lost the necklace on the way and did not know where the necklace was now.

However, Commissioner Kullachart reportedly reviewed the suspect’s criminal record and determined that he had committed two similar crimes in 2012 and 2016 in the Laem Chabang and Pattaya areas respectively. At the time of going to press, the suspect is in police custody, meanwhile having to ponder his sins until the legal process goes through.

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