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GTA 6 contains two main characters and takes place in Vice City, among other places


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Ever since Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 is in development, huge rumours have been circulating about the highly anticipated game every so often. It happened again yesterday when an insider revealed possible details about the story via the gaming website Xfire. For example, GTA 6 would contain two main characters and players will return to Vice City.

The rumours were helped into the world by twitterer Matheusvictorbr, who in the past often released information about other GTA titles. According to the insider, in GTA 6 you play as twins, a brother and sister, who are separated after their parents were killed by a cartel in Brazil in 2003. In the prologue of the game, players get the backstory of the main characters.

The main story is said to be set in modern times. The brother and sister meet again as adults. The brother works as an agent for the DOA, a fictionalized version of the Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA), while the sister works her way up the cartel to exact revenge on those responsible for the deaths of their parents.

The insider also reports that GTA 6 would mainly be set in an American city called Carcer City. That’s the same city from the Rockstar game Manhunt. The game would also partially take place in Cuba, Colombia and Vice City.

Another innovation that players can look forward to are destructible buildings. Finally, Matheusvictorbr reports that GTA 6 should see the light of day sometime in 2024.

Rockstar confirmed earlier this year that GTA 6 development is in full swing. “With every new project, our goal is always to significantly improve on what we’ve delivered before. We’re happy to confirm that the development of the next instalment in the series is well underway,” it said in a tweet. from the developer.

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