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GTA VI hacker risks hefty damages and jail time


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The hacker who distributed images of the as-yet-unreleased game GTA VI last weekend risks hefty compensation or even jail time. The damages can amount to several million dollars and the prison sentence can be as much as five years in prison, media reports.

“The hacker will have quite a bit over his head if he is caught,” says lawyer René Otto, who specializes in legal issues within the game industry. “The GTA 6 material is copyrighted and therefore the hacker is not allowed to publish it without permission from Rockstar Games. The fact that it is an unfinished game does not change that.”

Fans do not react positively to the leaked images, also because many fans do not realize that it is not yet about the final version. Therefore, there may be reputational damage, as a result of which fewer people will buy the final product. Otto does not dare to say exactly how much the compensation will be, but underlines ” that a franchise of 6 billion can amount to quite a few million” .

According to Otto, there is also a chance that the hacker will be prosecuted. This happens if it turns out that someone is trying to gain financially from this after copyright infringement. Otto, therefore, calls it “oil stupid” that the hacker has indicated that he would like to make a deal with Rockstar. In doing so, he has already largely proven his intention to benefit from it himself. “As a result, in addition to the compensation, he may also risk a prison sentence,” said Otto.

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