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Here’s why doctors say you shouldn’t get a COVID-19 booster shot


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Here’s why doctors say you shouldn’t get a COVID-19 booster shot

With Moderna’s Covid19 vaccine expected to become available in private hospitals next month, there may be already vaccinated people planning to get a Moderna shot as a booster vaccine.

The Thai health service issued a warning yesterday that these people should talk to their doctor first, because the combination of this mRNA vaccine with other types has not been widely used.

the pl. Thailand Health Service Director General Dr Sophon Iamsirithavorn recommends that people who have been fully vaccinated against Covid19 virus seek the advice of a doctor before considering receiving a Moderna Spikevax booster shot.

Many Thai people as well as expats have pre-ordered and paid for the mRNA vaccine from private hospitals, who in turn have placed orders through the government pharmaceutical organization Moderna’s vaccine, so this heartfelt warning about health problems is in order.

Dr Sophon said people who have not yet received any Covid19 vaccine can receive their Moderna vaccination immediately under normal circumstances, but those who have already received vaccines from other manufacturers should talk to their doctor first.

He said vaccines should not be given in excessive amounts, adding that there is not enough data to support the efficacy of getting a Moderna shot after two doses of inactivated vaccine, a scenario many Thai people already taking Sinovac or Sinopharm face. vaccines would face.

However, data DOES support the idea that one dose of Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, also an mRNA vaccine similar to Moderna, can elicit a good immune response and protection in those who have previously received two injections of an inactivated virus vaccine.

Dr Sophon also advised that people who have received two injections of AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines should NOT receive ANY booster at this time.

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