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High season will not be affected by the new Covid-19 case – Chiang Mai Governor


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Chiang Mai authorities have now confirmed that the new Coronavirus case was under control after a Thai lady was infected with the disease when she returned home illegally from Myanmar through the Chiang Mai province and visited Chang Mai.

The governor of Chang Mai Charoenrit Sa-nguansat had stated, that after the infection of the 29-year-old woman, the officials had not seen the spread of the disease and they could continue with their normal life with Infection prevention habits.

The governor had also ordered more checkpoints on the routes from Chang Mai to Chang rai until it was can be concluded that there is no more infection in the local area .

After a press conference by the governor Private sector representatives including tourism operators in the northern promise have promised to pay out 100,000 baht for each Covid-19 infection and a million baht for each Covid related death for any tourist who has happened to contract the disease.

This offering has been aimed at restoring tourism confidence in Chang Mai.

On the other side, Chang Mai’s health chief doctor Jatuchai Maneerat has stated that 312 at-risk people have been identified in the near province. They have included 90 with high risks of infection from the 29-year-old woman.

Officials in Chang Mai had yet to find 2 of the infected.

Of all at-risk people, 220 were tested negative.

In Chiang Rai which borders Myanmar, soldiers from the Pha Muang Task Force intensified their border patrols in Mae Sai, Mae Chan and Mae Fa Luang districts. The patrols focused on areas in jungles and along the Sai border river in Mae Sai district where three COVID-infected women sneaked into Thailand and about 30 illegal migrants were arrested recently.

Meanwhile, all the schools in Mae Sai were closed until December the 6th (yesterday) and all cargo trucks and drivers from the Myanmar border town of Tachileik had been disaffected upon arriving in Mae Sai in the wake of these reports.

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