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Horrible incident: girl (12)’s hair pulled out of her head by fairground attraction


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A 12-year-old girl fell on a fairground ride last Saturday, causing her hair to get caught under a treadmill. The machine caused part of her long hair to be pulled from her head. The incident took place in the North Holland village of Nibbixwoud.

The girl and some friends had entered an attraction where they had to dodge various moving obstacles to finally reach the exit. The attraction is called Beach House and falls under the Fun House category, of which you can find one at almost every fair. The moment the girls got to the assembly line, things went horribly wrong. One of the children tripped and the whole group fell over each other. The 12-year-old girl got stuck under the treadmill with her long hair, causing part of her hair to be ripped from her head.

According to the Noordhollands Dagblad, the parents of the victim find it remarkable that there was no more supervision in the fairground attraction. They also wonder why people are not advised to tie their hair with a rubber band. The girl is very shocked and sad about her hairstyle. “A large bald spot the size of a boomerang has formed, where all the hair has been ripped out,” says her mother. “And we’ll just have to wait and see if the hair growth recovers. For a vain 12-year-old that hits hard.”

The owner of operator JOH Treep/Van der Laan has also responded to the incident to the AD. “We think it’s terrible what happened to this girl. The fairground attraction is inspected every year and we always do our very best to ensure the safest possible experience for everyone. This is a very annoying, but an exceptional incident. Unfortunately, some things are unavoidable if you have an annoying fall.”

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