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‘How to Murder Your Husband’ writer gets life for murdering husband


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The 71-year-old writer of the essay How to Murder Your Husband was sentenced to life in prison last Monday for the murder of her husband. Nancy Crampton Brophy shot her husband, 63-year-old Daniel Brophy, in the heart four years ago while he was at work.

Daniel Brophy was teaching at a cooking school in Portland on June 2, 2018, when he was shot twice at close range. He was in a classroom at the time filling buckets with ice and water for his students. When they arrived at the classroom moments later, they found their teacher bleeding on the floor. Three months later, Nancy was arrested as the prime suspect in the case.

The writer was found guilty of second-degree murder by a jury yesterday and is facing life in prison. She will be given the option to be released on parole after 25 years.

According to the prosecutors, the writer was in financial trouble when she took her husband’s life. However, Nancy claims that the amount of more than $1 million in insurance money she would receive was not the reason for murdering him. Her lawyers argued that the security footage that placed her at the crime scene simply shows that she was looking for writing inspiration. The firearm with which she committed the murder has never been found because according to the prosecutors she would have disposed of some weapon parts. At an earlier hearing, Nancy stated that she bought the weapon for research for her next book.

In 2011, Nancy published the much-discussed essay How to Murder Your Husband for free through her website. In it, she discusses methods and motives for killing your husband. She mentions the use of firearms as a method, and she mentions financial problems and adultery as the main motivations.

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