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Hurricane Fiona causes flooding and power outages in Puerto Rico


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Hurricane Fiona made landfall yesterday on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which belongs to the United States. The hurricane has catastrophic consequences. For example, there has been no power on the island since this morning and there are severe floods. President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency.

In addition to severe flooding, the island is also struggling with landslides, which have caused disastrous damage, according to the governor of the country. This is reported by international news agencies. The hurricane was accompanied by a wind speed of 140 kilometres per hour, the National Hurricane Center reports.

The storm left all of Puerto Rico without power this morning. According to the company responsible for the power supplies, the weather conditions are “extremely dangerous”. The company expects it could take days before the electricity supply on the island, where more than 3 million people live, is fully restored.

As a result of the hurricane, large parts of Puerto Rico were flooded. Seaports and the main airport on the island in the Caribbean are closed. Several roads in the island are impassable. A highway bridge in the municipality of Utuado has been washed away by the flooding. This bridge was built just after Hurricane Maria destroyed the previous bridge in 2017.

Due to the seriousness of the effects of the hurricane, US President Joe Biden has declared a state of emergency. This allows the local authorities to take emergency measures quickly. There is no word yet on any casualties on the island.

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