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“If not Prayut, then who?” – Thailand’s prime minister leads the poll


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Thailand’s prime minister leads in support ratings, but the total number of opposition supporters is three times greater.

A majority of Thai citizens still do not see anyone more suitable for prime minister, according to a poll conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

General Prayut Chan-ocha leads other potential prime ministerial candidates in popularity, but the votes cast for opposition candidates combined are nearly three times ahead of Prayut.

The fourth quarterly popularity survey of potential prime ministerial candidates was conducted from December 15 to 21 among 2’504 respondents aged 18 years and above with various levels of education and occupations across the country by random telephone interview.

When asked who the respondent would support for Prime Minister today, the answers were as follows:

36.54% said no one was suitable for the post;

16.39% supported the incumbent prime minister, General Prayuth, saying he is decisive, has good administrative skills and pursues effective policies to help the people;

10.74% favoured Pete Limjaroenrath, leader of the Movement Forward party, saying he is a new generation man with good ideas for the development of the country;

10.55% approve of Patongtharn Shinawatra of the Phua Thai Party, saying a new generation man should be given the opportunity to head the country’s administration;

The other potential candidates garnered less than 10% of the vote, yet the total number of votes cast for opposition candidates is almost three times that of Prayut’s supporters. Among all respondents, 4.35% were not interested or refused to answer the question.

When asked which political party the respondents prefer today, the answers were as follows

37.14% – none;

23.52% – Phua Thai party;

13.18% – the Moving Forward Party;

8.99% – People’s State Party of Thailand Palang Pracharath

7.15% – the Democratic Party;

The remaining parties garnered less than 3% of the vote and 1.56% of respondents declined to answer the question.

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