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Internet repairman in Nongprue makes a horribly morbid discovery of his life


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An internet repairman in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya made a morbid discovery when he was repairing internet cables late at night and saw a man standing by a tree. He called to him in the dark, but the man did not answer. As he approached the silent man, he was shocked to discover that the figure was a dead man slumped against the tree, entangled in cables.

The incident took place on Friday near number 36 Road in Bang Lamung in a tree-filled area that the man had to visit to repair internet wires. He discovered the body and was shocked to call the Nonprue Police Department.

Police arrived and found the man standing upright between two trees, entangled in a tangle of cables. They said there was no sign of any confrontation or struggle to suggest a second person was involved in the death.

The man was identified as a 53-year-old Thai man and a motorcycle believed to belong to the deceased man was found nearby. One clue the police uncovered as to what may have happened was bolt cutters still hanging from a pair of power lines near the man’s body.

The cause of death has not been fully established, but police say the most likely cause of death was suicide or accidental death when he tried to cut the power cables, perhaps stealing them and perhaps thinking it was the internet lines, but in reality were high voltage cables that were not hung high.

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