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IRON ROD impales man in the TESTICLES


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IRON ROD impales man in the TESTICLES

A Thai man was in agony after he fell from a mango tree in southern Thailand and got pierced in the testicles.

Daily News reported that an iron rod under the tree had gone right through his testicles from right to left.

As Piyapong fought the extreme pain and friends tried to keep him in consciousness with smelling salts the rescue team from Tai Teck Tung cut the ends of the rod with a saw.

But the heat and vibration only increased his misery – he passed out three times.

He was taken to Hua Sai hospital in Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

It emerged that Piyapong had been collecting chilies then decided to get some mangoes by shinning up a tree.

Then he fell onto the rod that went right through his jeans – and right through his testicles.


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