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ISIS fanatics depict Big Ben on fire


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ISIS fanatics depict Big Ben on fire as chilling posters warn of ‘London attacks soon’ and show knife-wielding suicide bomber in New York.

  • ISIS-affiliated media released three new posters that incite attacks on the west
  • Big Ben is shown burning like Notre Dame, an event celebrated by ISIS online
  • A poster threatening New York calls on lone extremists to fight on their own soil 

ISIS fanatics have released three new posters inciting lone wolf attacks on London and New York.

ISIS have released three more propaganda posters which promise attacks on the UK and US ‘soon’


One poster depicts a suicide bomber standing in front of a burning Big Ben and is captioned with the warning: ‘London attacks coming soon’.

Another shows a masked terrorist wielding a knife above New York city and a rallying call for lone extremists to ‘fight them in your country’.

Both posters use ‘Just Terror’ as a tagline, while the threat to London appears alongside a quotation from the Koran’s At-Tawbah 5 – or the ‘Sword Verse’.

The poster depicting New York (above) shows a knife-wielding suicide bomber bearing down on the city and incites lone wolf attackers to fight on their own soil

‘And when the sacred months have passed,’ it reads, ‘then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and beseige them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush’.

Allah will bring forth in place of them a people he will love and who will love him… who are humble toward the believers, powerful against the disbelievers… they strive in the cause of Allah and do not fear the blame of a critic.

‘That is the favour of Allah, he bestows it upon whom he wills. And Allah is all-encompassing and knowing.’

The propaganda posters were created by the Ash Shaff Media Foundation – a pro-ISIS outlet and posted to Twitter by the Terror Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC) – a terrorism watchdog.

The sight of Big Ben ablaze is reminiscent of images of last month’s fire that destroyed the roof and spire of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, after which ISIS-affiliated groups released posters calling the disaster ‘retribution and punishment’ and telling western countries to ‘Wait for the next’.

A third poster, released by the pro ISIS news outlet Ash Shaff Media Foundation, shows a masked terrorist alongside a warning not to forgo Islam

ISIS-affiliated groups also released a propaganda poster celebrating the Sri Lanka terror attacks on Easter Sunday, which promised to make the ‘enemies of religion’ bleed ‘rivers of unclean blood’.

The image showed the eight jihadi attackers above Donald Trump, Pope Francis and Buddha on fire.

It was captioned: ‘We will not make you cry of blood, enemies of religion and the first of the clouds shall fall upon the rivers of your unclean blood.’

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attacks, which killed more than 250 people in churches and hotels in the capital Colombo.

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