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Israel has invaded the Palestinian city of Jenin, killing eight and wounding 50


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Israel entered the Palestinian city of Jenin on Monday with airstrikes and an invasion of a refugee camp. This was Israel’s largest raid on a Palestinian city since 2002. There are now some 3,000 Palestinians on the run.


Jenin is a densely populated area where more than fifteen thousand Palestinians live. At least eight Palestinians have been killed and more than 50 injured, IMEU reports. The organization shares a video via Instagram and reports that the Israeli military has cut off electricity and water in parts of the city. They opened fire on a refugee camp and stopped ambulances trying to help Palestinians. This information is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO), writes RTL Nieuws.


The medium AJ+ reports that the military has taken over several buildings and houses to deploy snipers on the roofs. In the video that AJ+ shares via Instagram, you can see bulldozers and tanks destroying entire houses. In addition, the Palestinians were the victims of at least ten air strikes. The medium said this happened two weeks after Israeli forces killed seven Palestinians in another operation.


Israel says this is an anti-terror operation. They are convinced that militants from the refugee camp in Jenin regularly carry out attacks. The camp would also serve as a shelter, both RTL News and NOS reports. According to the Red Cross, some 3,000 Palestinians have fled since the raid on the refugee camp.

Several attacks have been launched from Jenin recently, which would be the reason for this mission. According to RTL News, Israel mainly targets a weapons depot that they believe is also located in the refugee camp.


The invasion could continue for days, as Israel has deployed hundreds of soldiers who have been active in firefights since Sunday night. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has completely cut off contact and security cooperation with the Israelis. He did so in January after a deadly Israeli raid on another refugee camp in Jenin.


Israel has illegally occupied Palestine for decades. 1948 the Nakba occurred: nearly a million Palestinians were driven from their homes and land. As a result, millions of Palestinian refugees are still worldwide today, and that number is only increasing. To this day, houses are destroyed, Gaza is bombed, and Palestinians are arrested if they show any resistance.

Daily human rights violations accompany the Israeli colonization of Palestine. “Since the mid-1990s, Israeli authorities have imposed increasingly severe restrictions on the movement of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories,” Amnesty International said in a report. “Palestinian communities live isolated in military zones. Every time they want to get in or out, Palestinians have to apply for multiple special permits. In Gaza, 2 million Palestinians are living in a humanitarian crisis caused by an Israeli blockade that has left Gaza virtually untouched. can leave.”


Amnesty International describes these human rights violations as apartheid, where two groups are treated differently based on their ethnicity. For example, the report revealed how there has been widespread illegal expropriation of land and property from Palestinians, how forced displacement, drastic restrictions on freedom of movement and unlawful manslaughter have taken place, and how Palestinians have been denied the right to nationality and citizenship. “Our report shows the true scope of Israel’s apartheid regime. Palestinians are treated as a subservient racial group, whether they live in Gaza, East Jerusalem, Hebron or Israel itself,” said Amnesty’s Secretary General Agnès Callamard.



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