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Israeli troops shoot dead Palestinian boy (16)


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Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian boy during a raid on the city of Nablus. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the victim is 16-year-old Ghaith Rafiq Yamin.

Al Jazeera reports that Israeli military personnel were present in Nablus to provide protection for Jewish settlers who visited the city. At least 80 Palestinians were said to have been injured in an attack by the Israeli army on Tuesday evening, including rubber bullets and inhalation of tear gas. According to the Israeli army, Palestinians have thrown stones and Molotov cocktails.

Yamin, 16, was shot in the head and taken to hospital in Nablus, where he died of his injuries on Wednesday night. Following Yamin’s death, the Palestinian Authority (PA) issued a statement calling on the international community to “break the double standard and protect our people from the killing machine that kills them every day.”

At least 57 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since the beginning of the year. Earlier this month, Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot dead while reporting an Israeli raid on the city of Jenin. The Israeli army has previously said it will not investigate the journalist’s death. That’s why CNN decided to do its own research. The news channel spoke to eyewitnesses and experts and analyzed photos, videos and audio clips from the moments surrounding Shireen’s death. The investigation concluded that Shireen was killed by targeted bullets.


Palestine has been illegally occupied by Israel for decades. In 1948 the Nakba took place: nearly a million Palestinians were driven from their homes and from their land. As a result, there are still millions of Palestinian refugees around the world today and that number is only growing. The Israeli colonization of Palestine is accompanied by daily human rights violations. To this day, houses are destroyed, Gaza is bombed and Palestinians are arrested if they show any kind of resistance.


Amnesty International described these human rights violations as apartheid, in which two groups are treated differently based on their ethnicity. For example, a report revealed the widespread unlawful expropriation of Palestinian land and property, forced displacement, drastic restrictions on freedom of movement, unlawful killing, and denial of Palestinians’ right to nationality and citizenship.

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