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Japan encourages youth to drink more alcohol: “Good for the economy”


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Japan encourages youth to drink more alcohol. The country is doing this because tax revenues from alcohol have fallen sharply in recent years. The BBC reports that authorities are eager to change that and have launched a campaign to encourage young people to consume more alcohol.

Young people in Japan today generally have a sober lifestyle. For that reason, the tax authorities of the Asian country have a contest called Sake Viva! , called in life. The challenge allows 20 to 39-year-olds to submit their ideas to encourage young Japanese people to consume more alcohol. The winning idea will be implemented as a campaign.

According to the tax authorities of Japan, it is good for the state treasury and the beverage sector if young people drink more. Although the competition refers to the traditional Japanese drink sake, they also want the target group to consume more whisky, beer and wine.

According to Japanese authorities, the decrease in alcohol consumption is related to the aging population and the corona pandemic. For the latter cause, the habit of drinking is said to have disappeared. This is also reflected in the tax revenues of recent years. In 1980, tax revenues from alcohol in Japan were still 5 percent of total revenues. In 2020 that was only 1.7 percent.

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