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Kabal attack kills more than 90, fear of new attack


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Kabal attack kills more than 90, fear of new attack

The death toll in the attack at the airport in Kabul has risen to at least 90, including several children. The victims also included 13 US servicemen and 28 Taliban fighters. The others are probably civilians. Hundreds of people were injured.


The attack was claimed by IS. Two suicide explosions took place among the crowds at the airport, which left enormous havoc. Dead bodies are scattered on the road or in the sewage and the injured are desperately looking for their relatives.

US President Joe Biden responded in a speech yesterday to the attack, which resulted in the highest death toll in the US military in Afghanistan since 2001. ” We will not forget and forgive nothing. We will track you down and make you pay.”


US troops at the airport brace for new attacks. “We think they want to go through with this and are doing everything we can to be prepared,” General Frank McKenzie said.

Meanwhile, evacuation flights are still being carried out to help people out of Afghanistan. The Netherlands has now stopped evacuating due to the threat of attack. By Tuesday, August 31, the US, and therefore other countries, wants to be completely out of Afghanistan, according to the deadline set by the Taliban

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