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Kindergarten teacher has been stealing children’s savings


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The story was made public by a mother who discovered that the school’s teacher was secretly stealing children’s savings.

The school opened a program where the children would save up money throughout the year, then the total savings will be returned to the children at the end of the year. The problem arises when the New Year was approaching but the children did not receive their savings.

Isarapong Isarapan from the Phang Nga province went to the school located in the main city of Phang Nga. Isarapong received the news from the Facebook post that went viral, the post stated that over 2 million THB has disappeared from the children’s savings.


The post stated “Help share the truth that has been hidden. A teacher has been stealing over 2 million THB of the children’s money. This is a famous school in Phang Nga the truth came out when a kindergarten 3 student wanted to withdraw his savings for further education, but turns out that there was none left. One room of students has not received any payment from their savings.”.


The province investigation discovered that the information posted is true and has been going on since 2015, but the truth has just come out to the public this year. The project was started by the school where the parents of the students can put in as much as they want into each year for the student’s savings, then they could withdraw the money at the end of the year or they could withdraw the money when the student finished kindergarten 3.

Still today, some students remain absent of their savings money. The province reveals that they only realized the issue this year when parents started to complain about the issue. This is when the province decided to investigate the problem and see what was the cause. One teacher has admitted to being the main money holder from all the teachers that are the head teachers of each classroom.


Some of the teachers did not turn in the money given to them by the parents to the main money holder. Over 1 million THB has been returned to the parents but at least 500,000 THB is still missing. The law will be involved in this case and the teachers responsible will be called in.

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