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King Vajiralongkorn grants royal protection to children orphaned as a result of the Covid19 virus


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King Vajiralongkorn grants royal protection to children orphaned as a result of the Covid19 virus

The plv. Government spokeswoman Ratchada Dhanadirek announced yesterday that His Majesty King Rama X has granted royal patronage to children whose parents have died from the effects of the Covid19 virus.

“The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has reported an initial number of 35 children who have lost their parents or carers to Covid-19. The number is expected to be higher nationwide and the ministry is preparing measures to help these orphans for the long term.

“It is His Majesty King Rama X’s wish that these children become students under royal patronage. They receive the highest education free of charge, according to their possibilities. The ministry will be responsible for coordinating the children’s scholarships and, if necessary, providing foster families with support money until graduation,” Ratchada said.

“Following the Prime Minister’s order to accelerate the number of isolation centres, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has set up the first community isolation centre for children aged 3-14 years in the sports and recreation centre in Dusit district, with medical staff and caregivers to Close monitoring 24 hours a day.

The ministry and disability associations in Thailand are also setting up community isolation centres for the mentally disabled at the Rajanukul Institute, and for the disabled in the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability office building,” the government spokeswoman added.

“The Care Center for Children with Covid-19 scheme was recently launched to care for children affected by the pandemic.

“Anyone with knowledge of orphans or vulnerable groups affected by the pandemic can contact these four organizations for assistance:

1. Helpline 1300

2. Pracharat Hotline for the Disabled 1479

3. Provincial Offices for Social Development and Human Security

4. Volunteer for Social Development and Human Security,” said Ratchada.

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