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Line tops YouTube as most favoured brand among Thai women


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Line has earned a superior impression score compared to other brands in the top 10 of brands favoured by Thai women, YouGov, a British international internet-based market research and data analytics firm, reported on Monday.


The YouGov survey used the impression score for 460 brands in the YouGov BrandIndex. The survey took place between 1st February 2018 and 31st January 2019.

Line, which scored 67.5, had a superior impression score compared to other brands. YouTube came a close second with 67.2 while Lazada and KFC made up the bottom of the list, sharing a score of just 51.5.

“Line has become one of the most popular instant messenger applications among Thai people across all generations and genders,” the survey noted.

However, this survey solely polled women on their responses, thus giving us a unique set of data. It would appear that Thai women prefer to communicate and chat with others using Line as opposed to other applications. Some might argue that this is because Line was one of the first to implement features such as cute stickers to express their emotions. Additionally, Line is not only used for communicating but also to assist in making life more convenient such as through the Rabbit app for BTS Skytrain.

Overall the aforementioned features and willingness to pioneer the way in technology, whilst simultaneously making Thai women lives easier, may be the reason why Line gained the top rank in the 2019 brand impression score. However, if YouTube can find a way to make advertisements seem less invasive and detrimental to the viewing experience in time for 2020, then they might have a chance to steal the top spot.

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