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Making Competitive Gaming Better in Thailand


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Gaming has come a long way from being just a regular hobby. People can now play games professionally and earn hefty prizes.

Also, they can film themselves playing a competitive game live and stream it on platforms like Twitch. They can receive donations and make a living solely on gaming.

Another thing gamers can do is play single-player games and make walkthrough videos, with or without commentary, and put them on YouTube. They can also make money from the number of views, likes and dislikes they get.

This is because people love to be entertained and would probably look for help if they’re stuck on a certain level.

Interactive gaming is a popular form of entertainment around the world, and in Thailand as well. Many sites are offering big bonuses and rewards to players as well as various games they can play located on the game page.

The truth about these sites is that they’re illegal, but the police are tolerable about them.

Luckily, people can entertain themselves in another way, and that’s competitive gaming. Competitive gaming is indeed popular in Thailand, but it needs a few improvements.

The Thai are avid gamers and the government supports the future of gaming by streaming their matches live.

However, this isn’t enough. If Thailand wants to stand apart from the Philippines, Indonesia, South Korea, and other South Asian countries it needs to make some improvements.

The local government isn’t the only one who supports competitive gamers. In 2018, Infofed, a virtual reality developer donated 100 high-performance computers with 50 million Baht to build the Thailand eSport Arena.

Despite this immense help, a better infrastructure needs to be made since the gaming industry is always advancing and Thai gamers can’t rely solely on donations.

Local competitions help separate the pro gamers from those that still need practice. Skillful players are always needed which is why more local competitions are needed to keep their skills fresh.

The GESC Thailand DOTA 2 Pro Circuit Minor is a competition of a bigger scale that involves more teams from different countries.

If Thailand wants to win more competitions against other countries’ skilled players they need more competition on a local level.

The best players in Thailand will have a better chance of taking on other teams in any competition.

When you look at the statistics for pool prizes in eSports competitions you’ll see that those are pretty large sums to win.

They will certainly keep players motivated to give their best effort. Motivation is important, but what’s also important is skill. Outstanding gaming skills are needed for competitive gaming, as mentioned before.

Training is what helps with gaining skill. Thai gamers need to learn all there is about a certain game they’re playing and all the possible strategies.

They need to have this knowledge with them at all times since it will help them better adapt to a new situation and use opportunities that arose in a moment.

If they put in more training, then they’ll likely have better results.


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