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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Mallorca is done with drinking tourism and closes the first bars


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The Spanish island of Mallorca is fed up with drunk tourists misbehaving during a booze holiday. Therefore, the authorities have decided to close the first bars as a precaution.

The authorities on the island have been concerned for some time about excessive drinking tourism. For example, alcohol is often sold after closing time and alcohol is served to minors. In addition, the authorities are anything but happy with the derogatory use of women by sending them out in scantily clad to lure customers to bars.

To prevent this kind of situation, a law was already passed in January 2020 to combat booze tourism. That law deals with, among other things, happy hours, pub crawls and party boats. However, this year is the first time that the legislation is actually applied due to corona. Eight bars have already been closed as a precaution in recent days, mainly in areas frequented by foreign tourists. There is a good chance that these catering establishments will have to remain closed and that more bars will be closed.

Last month several restaurants in Mallorca already announced that they would apply a dress code. For example, the restaurants in question do not accept people who are dressed up or have bare-chested. Even with a football shirt, you can no longer enter.

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