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Man asks police for help after using 600k in one night on Baccarat.


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A man went to file a report with the police in Chiang Mai. He had sent 600,000 THB to the online gaming website in one night. The man wishes to have the police freeze the money on the receiver’s bank account, the police cannot do so as he was the one who voluntarily transferred the money to the receiver’s bank account.


The man came to the Chang Puek Police Station in Chiangmai City on the 26th of this month. He printed the proof for all the online transfer of money and his bank statement. The man had used 600,000 THB in one night, he stated that he was fooled into sending the money into the online gaming account and that he wishes the police to freeze his money in the receiver’s account.


The man stated that on the night of the 18th he had seen an ad on Facebook that claimed he could make easy money by joining in an online game, he saw that there were thousands of other viewers watching with him and all the comments were positive. He decided to pay 2,000 THB for the membership fee.


When he logged in to the website they were many games to choose from, but he ended up choosing Baccarat. He lost money on his first try, after that he felt as if he lost his sanity and transferred 9 more times with 50,000 THB to 100,000 THB for each transfer of funds. After it was too late, he had realized that it was a scam and that the money in his bank account was all gone.


The 600,000 THB didn’t belong to him, it was his father’s money that he kept for running the family construction business. At first he was too afraid to tell anyone but finally, he told the family and came to file a report with the police. He believes that he was fooled into transferring the money and that the website cheated him.


The man had his uncle with him at the police station who stated that the online gaming advertisement might be considered a violation of the Cyber Law or that it might be considered as a fraudulent act. Sadly, the police stated that the man’s action is not considered as being cheated, he transferred the money with his own intentions and understood that he risked not having the money returned to him.


The police cannot accept the man’s case as online gaming is similar to gambling. When he decided to get involved in the website he understood that it was a game and that you can win or lose when playing.

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