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Video: The man carrying 16 bikes on shoulder while driving motorbike down road causes “shock”


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16 Bikes: A motorist spotted a man holding a wooden stick with 16 bicycles on his should while driving along a road.

The footage filmed a motorist holding a bar with eight bicycles dangling on either side.

The man uses only one arm to keep his load in place.

The video was filmed in Guangdong Province, China on July 12.

The scooter driver was found to be a worker for a bicycle sharing service in the city and was transporting the bikes to a storage facility.

Many people commented that the way he balances 16 bikes was really unbelievable. Netizens wondered how can he do that without causing an accident.

On the same day, another video being circulated in China has left viewers scratching their heads.

The clip in question appears to show a woman driving down the road on a motorbike while her passenger carries another scooter.

Finally, local media noticed that the motorbike being carried was just made of cardboard.

The power of human is really out of the blue. How do you feel about these people?

Watch video:


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