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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

McDonald’s To Launch First Ever VIP Bookable Restaurant


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McDonald’s may be a favourite name on the food scene because of its cheap and cheerful ways, but it looks like things are changing for the fast food giant – which has announced it will open its very first luxury, bookable restaurant.

Nope, not kidding.

The company will be trialling a new luxuryrestaurant in London, where customers will not only be able to reserve a table online ahead of their meal, but will also be treated to VIP service.

The restaurant will take over McDonalds’ High Street Kensington branch, which is located in an area known for its swanky restaurants and high-end stores. Inside, the luxury gaff will be decked out with red velvet curtains and burger-themed art – y‘know, just to remind you where you are and all that.


Inside the posh dining room there will also be a string quartet providing an upmarket, calming backdrop, while actual butlers will serve McDonald’s Signature Collection Classic, BBQ or Spicy Signature Burgers from under silver cloches – before you chow down using diamond-encrusted cutlery, obvs.

The concept will be open to members of the public from Wednesday 15 August, in celebration of the national roll-out of The Signature Collection. Simply hit up the online reservation service to try and sign up – but just remember that you have to submit your form by 3pm on 10 August.

Depending on the outcome of the pilot, McDonald’s will look into the prospect of extending the idea for special calendar moments with a long-term online booking partner.

Of course, in the meantime, you could always have a stab at making your very own Maccies at home – as the people in a group called ‘Homemade McDonald’s’ have done.

The group is run by a guy called Joel Cornell, an Australian visual artist, who told The Mirror “I used to make ‘McDonald’s’ food for friends at barbecues.

“It was just a bit of fun, but people said, ‘hey, this is really good’, so I shared some photos of my food online and people were interested. I started the group and it went from there.”

Joel continued: “People seem really into it, they love it. McDonald’s is quite nostalgic. It reminds everyone of birthday parties when they were kids and everything, so I think they quite like trying to make it themselves.

“Trying to get that flavour and look is creative. And obviously nailing the process feels pretty cool. It’s quite rewarding.

“I still eat genuine McDonald’s. I had one the other day. But I guess making it at home is something different. And a bit healthier.

“I thought it was funny but I didn’t think it would get this big. People keep coming and posting their food pictures”.

Sure, it’s not the actual McDonald’s that you probably had your heart set on, but it’s not a bad back-up, right?

Source: Lad Bible

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