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Metal ball slingshot attraction blasts off at Winter Wonderland fairground


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A terrible accident happened at the Winter Wonderland fair in Hyde Park in London last night. The metal ball of a slingshot attraction came loose while two boys were sitting in it. Both boys were taken to hospital after the accident.

A video shows how the catapult attraction, called Reverse Bungee Ball, is being prepared for launch. In the attraction, a large metal ball is shot into the air by two large rubber bands that are clamped between the support pillars. During the launch, one of the two rubber bands seems to come loose, causing the metal ball with the two boys in it to crash into one of the pillars.

After the boys dangled in the air for a while in the metal ball, they were able to be freed by the employees. The fire brigade arrived shortly afterward, but their help was no longer needed. The boys were taken to hospital immediately after the liberation. As far as I know, they are doing well.

A spokesperson for Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme told local media that the attraction was under investigation this morning. This has shown that the cable and the elastic have not snapped. There would have been a “technical defect” , which may have been caused by the cold. The attraction will remain closed indefinitely.

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