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Miguel shares bloody result after he allowed himself to be hanged


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Miguel went viral last weekend with a video of his exclusive listening session to promote his upcoming album Viscera. He was pierced in the back during the performance and hung from hooks. The R&B singer has now shared a photo of the bloody aftermath of the action.

In the post on Instagram, the traces of the hooks on Miguel’s back are clearly visible. In addition, he shares a photo of the blood stains on his shirt, which he had on after the ‘stunt’. “What is your relationship with pain?” he captioned the message. “What is your relationship to change?”

Fans were shocked last weekend when Miguel was hanged on stage. That happened when a man in a clinical white suit came on stage while the singer was performing a new song. Miguel got two hooks pierced in his back and was suspended above the audience with ropes. The singer continued singing calmly as he dangled above the stage.

Because his skin is clearly protruding, the images look incredibly painful. Many people are, therefore, very shocked by Miguel’s action. “I feel like he didn’t ask for this himself. This is demonic,” someone wrote on Twitter. Another wholeheartedly agrees. He thinks that, at some point, some musicians go completely crazy. “The longer an artist is in the industry, the weirder they start acting.”



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