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Mike Tyson loses control on plane and hits fellow passenger


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Mike Tyson repeatedly punched a fellow passenger in the face on a plane. According to eyewitnesses, the drunk passenger did not want to leave Tyson alone and the boxing legend subsequently lost control. TMZ reports.

Mike Tyson was en route from San Francisco to Florida when a fellow passenger became very excited about being on the plane with the former boxer. According to eyewitnesses, Tyson was initially friendly with him and the other passengers. The boxing legend is even said to have taken a selfie with the man, who appeared to be extremely drunk, according to eyewitnesses.

After the fellow passenger continued to harass Tyson and wouldn’t leave it alone, the 55-year-old boxer asked him to take it easy. When the fellow passenger failed to do so, Tyson lost control and repeatedly punched the drunk man in the face. The video shows how the fellow passenger suffered several injuries to his face.

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