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Monk in South Thailand attacks an elderly monk with a scythe almost having to say goodbye to his nose


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Police were called to a Buddhist office in this southern Thai city after a monk attacked another.

When they got there, they found a lot of blood outside the monks’ quarters. Suthep or “Luang Phee Jazz”, 63 years old, had already been rushed to the hospital. He had facial injuries, including a nose hanging loose from his front, the Daily News reported.

The attacker was younger Phra Thanakrit, aged 30, who had used a scythe recovered from the scene, his orange robe covered in blood.

Upon the arrival of the police, another senior monk executed an immediate laicization so that he could be taken away in handcuffs. Phra Thanakrit told police he had never had a problem with his superior.

He had phoned the older monk to ask if he could fill his role in place of the older man at a ceremonial gathering. He felt like he was always left out when the older man was in the spotlight.

“No way, I’m the requested monk and you” was the rather unholy response followed by some more foul language.

This angered him, so he went to the senior monk’s room, 300 meters away, in a rage that he intended to teach the monk a lesson. Along the way, however, he picked up a scythe lying around.

He claimed he only hit him once before they reached for the weapon, then admitted his mistake and waited for him to surrender to the police.

The Daily News also reported that the young monk in question has a history of mental and drug-related problems.

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