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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Monks’ prayers disrupted when temple ceiling suddenly collapses


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Three monks escaped serious injuries in the Thai city of Khon Kaen early this week. During prayer in their temple, a large part of the ceiling suddenly came down. 

They had luck on their side: the rubble fell mostly next to them, leaving them with only a few scratches on their legs and feet.

A surveillance camera was able to capture the collapse. Initially the damage appeared to be limited to a few small pieces of rubble until soon a larger part of the ceiling collapsed. “We had only completed three prayers when we suddenly heard a loud crackling noise above us,” said one of the monks. “We are lucky that none of us were seriously injured.”

The collapse is due to rainfall during the passage of Tropical Storm Mulan. The large amount of water turned out to be too heavy for the roof of the temple, with all its consequences. Some villagers have come to the scene to help clear the rubble.

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