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Woman Spills The Beans On What It’s Like Being A Naked Cleaner


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Do you like doing household chores? Do you like being naked in strangers’ houses?

If the answer to both of the above questions is no, then you are normal and you shouldn’t try being a naked cleaner. However, if you don’t mind earning £45 ($58) per hour and you don’t mind who sees your bits then this could be the job for you.

A 24-year-old from Cardiff has revealed what exactly it’s like to be a naked cleaner, having been in the unusual line of work for three months. Anna, who wishes to keep her identity a secret, signed up for Naturist Cleaners as a means of making a bit of extra money on top of her office job.

Credit: Naturist Cleaners

The company was founded in 2017 by Laura Smith and basically involves exactly what it says on the tin – professional cleaners come to your house and do your cleaning while also being naked.

Speaking to Wales Online, Anna said the work made a refreshing change from her usual job.

She said: “I was new to naturism. I had never done it before – I hadn’t even been on a nudist beach or anything like that. I’d just done it in private. I wasn’t nervous because I’m quite comfortable being naked.

“I found the first time quite liberating if anything, because I like being naked. If I’m by myself or with my close friends or a boyfriend, I’ll walk around naked. I’m not sure exactly why I like it, I just feel more comfortable that way.

“I think the only scary part was I didn’t know who was going to open the door. Was I going to be safe?

Credit: Naturist Cleaners

“It was in a flat. I did some hoovering and some dusting. Just really simple stuff, I cleaned their bathroom as well. It’s a nice change after being stuck in a stuffy office all day.”

Okay, so we’ve established that you need to like making money quickly and being naked in front of strangers to be a naked cleaner. But who are the people paying for this service? … No prizes for guessing.

Anna said: “All the clients I’ve had are single men, who live by themselves. They’re all different ages, from about their late twenties to fifties.

“A lot of time, they just like talking to me. They’re just usually normal conversations, just about life and stuff. There’s nothing seedy about it – it’s just nice.”

Awww, now that is nice…. Here’s a testimonial from happy client, Andy, on the Naturist Cleaners website, discussing a cleaner called Stella.

He said: “Even though this was her first booking she happily removed her clothes without hesitation, and was completely comfortable both with her own nudity and mine.

“What a privilege to enjoy the naked form of this beauty for an hour, as well as getting some of my cleaning done – which she did very well.

“A truly memorable evening, thank you Stella. I’m working as hard as I can to make my house a little dirty again so I can invite you back to do some more nude cleaning for me!”

See – nothing seedy at all.

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