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Netizens Criticize Big Supermarket giving out puppies as prizes


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Thai Netizens have been criticizing a Big supermarket with branches across Thailand. One of the branches located in Ubon Ratchathani province have put out a campaign announced on their Facebook page where the grand prize is a puppy.

The Facebook page posted on the 20th of this month that they will be giving away a cute pomeranian puppy to the winner. Customers can join the lucky draw by purchasing any items at the supermarket and then using their receipt as the ticket to join the game.

The post went viral on Facebook and netizens have helped point out why the supermarket is wrong for hosting such activity. The main point is that a living animal should not be used as an item that can be given out to anyone. Unlike normal prizes, a dog requires knowledge and special care to look after for years to come. Such prize can lead to more stray dogs being thrown away onto the streets after the owner becomes bored of the dog, if the dog is too playful or becomes ill.


Another comment stated that raising a dog requires money, time, and patient until it grows old. The dog will be your friend in life so if you can’t give the same back to the animal then you shouldn’t have a pet.


A netizen even called the supermarket to inform the headquarters about the campaign at one of their branches, instead of taking care of the issue the supermarket told her to call the manager of the branch and then the manager then told her to contact the Facebook page admin. No one seems to be acknowledging why the lucky draw is wrong and instead passing the issue along and not taking any responsibility.


The specific branch decided to cancel the campaign after facing backlash and announced the decision on their page on the 26th of this month.


After some time, the branch manager stated that it’s not their fault as the activity was hosted by an outsider having no connections to the supermarket, they were simply helping by promoting the activity. Other netizens have mentioned that this company has been doing similar campaigns for a while by using puppies as the grand prize, pomeranians and siberian huskies seem to be popular breeds given away as new toys.

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