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New 120 kph speed limits approved by cabinet


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In a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, the ministry has approved new transport speed limits on Thai roads.

The regulation raises the speed limit on highways that are currently 90 kph to 120 kph however, this is only for cars.

For trucks weighing more than 2.2 tons and buses with Room for more than 15 passengers, a weight limit of 90 kph has been set.

Minivans and buses that can hold between 7 -15 passengers,  a limit of 100 kph has been set.

Cars that are towing other vehicles, 3 wheelers, and small four-wheelers are limited to 65 kph and motorbikes have an 80 kph speed limit.

Big bikes of 35 kW or have been limited to 100 kph.

All school buses are limited to 80 kph.

These speed limits will be applied on national and rural highways that have 4 lanes that are separated by a barrier and without U-turn points in between.

This draft has also set a minimum speed for the fast lane of highways to 100 kph and this is aimed at easing traffic congestion and helping the transport sector.

A proposal will now be submitted to the council of state for legal examination

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