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New driver regulations in force from 21st Sep 2019


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The new driving regulations under the Land Traffic Act take effect today. Drivers will still be required to pay fines, however, the police will not seize their licenses.

Drivers must still show their license when asked for it by authorities, an e-driving license is also acceptable.

The virtual version e-license stored on a mobile phone app developed by the Department of Land Transport.

A photo of an e-driving license with a quick response (QR) code will also be accepted.

The e-driving license scheme marks moves by authorities to use digital technology to help keep drivers in line with the law.

Drivers Can Install the DLT QR License Mobile App to  get QR code

Drivers who receive traffic tickets can also use the mobile app to check the status of their fines. They can pay at land transport offices when paying annual car taxes.

“The department and the Police are now linked digitally which will also allow offenders to pay fines online beginning from Oct 1,” deputy department chief Chantira Purutpat said.

If offenders fail to pay the fines, they will be issued only a temporary permit when they pay their registration tax. The debt for their fines must settled within 30 days, she added.

Police will also start to enforce a law on deduction of license points for driving offenses from December. Demerit point will be given to offending drivers. If a driver loses all 10 points, their license will be suspended.

For more information about Thai Drivers Licenses you can visit the Land Transport Website. – Click here

The New Punishment is Stipulated in Section 161 of the Road Traffic Act.

If the drivers lose all of their points, authorities will suspend their driving licenses for three months. If they re-commit the violations, the suspension periods will be extended, he said.

Officers are currently working on a list of traffic offenses subject to the point reductions.

Public hearings will be held to allow people to share their views and add offenses. Particularly those related to severe accidents.

Police will be given 90 days to issue organic laws; including laws on the criteria for proper driving behavior; which must be put in place by Dec 19th.

The points-deduction approach is needed as only imposing fines on wrongdoers has failed to correct their driving behavior.

The system of issuing point deductions, was a concept that was taken from Japan. It will be more effective in making people comply with the laws.

The system is suppose to instill fear of poor marks in drivers.

Because a lower driving behavior score could lead to a license suspension.


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