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New rules for entering Thailand from May 1, 2022


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New rules for entering Thailand from May 1, 2022

Thailand has abolished PCR tests on arrival for tourists and reduced the amount of health insurance for foreign tourists from May 1

Thailand has announced significant changes to the Test&Go program, part of the broader Thailand Pass program for entry into the country, according to the Covid-19 Situation Center. Foreign travellers no longer need to take a PCR test upon arrival. The requirement to book a SHA+ hotel as part of the Test&Go program is also being eliminated, according to a Situation Center decision today.

The cancellation of the PCR test for vaccinated tourists is the main point of today’s changes. The Situation Center still recommends an antigen test on the fifth day of stay in the kingdom. Travellers are expected to monitor their health while in Thailand as well. Insurance coverage requirements have also been reduced from $20,000 to $10,000.

Unvaccinated visitors are still required to book and prepay for a hotel and have a PCR test on the fifth day of their stay in Thailand. It is not reported whether unvaccinated tourists must stay in the hotel for 5 days as a quarantine (information to be clarified).

The bad news is that Thailand Pass registration remains mandatory for anyone wishing to enter Thailand, both Thais and foreigners. Documentation, including certificates of vaccination and proof of health insurance, must still be uploaded into the system before arriving in the kingdom.

The Situation Center also discussed the opening of all land border crossings and revised the colour-coding of provinces based on incidence rates.

Other good news includes confirmation that restaurants, even those operating as “pseudo-bars” and registered with SHA+, will be able to stay open until midnight. However, this “official” requirement has been widely violated in recent months, as nightlife owners have sought to return to “normal” hours of operation.

All changes are expected to go into effect on May 1, next week. However, no official confirmation of the relaxation date for the restrictions has been announced at this time. All changes must be approved and published in the Royal Gazette, which is expected to happen early next week.

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