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New Thai immigration rules already forcing ex-pats out


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New Thai immigration rules already forcing ex-pats out

Deanna Denis played by the rules. When advanced Alzheimer’s meant her mother needed around-the-clock care, the American did everything Thailand required to bring her here to live legally. That was two years ago.

Now the family says immigration rule changes are forcing 77 year old Anna Padgett to be relocated from her Chiang Mai care home and taken to Manila in The Philippines.

There she will easily get a three year visa without financial hassles and investing her savings by propping up Thai banks.

DeAnna say she loves Thailand and doesn’t want to go to The Philippines but the family has no choice.

They simply don’t have enough money to deposit 800,000 baht in the bank and leave it there for their mother’s visa application.

Mrs Denis and her husband who is 55 originally come from Atlanta. They were attracted to Thailand as a retirement option after running a successful web development business that they sold.

Her mother was looked after in the states by a relative until 2017 when they decided to move her over to Thailand. She has had Alzheimer’s for about 15 years.


A home that specialises in Alzheimer’s care in Chiang Mai called Care Resort was found.

Cosing 85,000 baht a month they could just afford it and pay for their own retirement needs.

But they now claim Thai immigration has refused to negotiate and allow the 86,000 baht to be considered as her mother’s income.

The family have put 800,000 baht in the bank and Mrs Padgett could stay to February next year.

But with worries about her condition deteriorating and being unable to move her in the future they have decided that it is now or never.

Mrs Davis described dealing with immigration as highly problematical. She has received mixed messages but the bottom line for her mother is pay up or go.

“We are not totally happy about going to the Philippines. The care will not be so good as in Chiang Mai and the environment is not so good”, added Mrs Davis.

“Thailand talks about being a hub for medical care but the immigration rules are just not conducive to that, especially in our case.”

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