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New VR goggles will kill you in real life if you die in game


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New VR goggles will kill you in real life if you die in game

The great thing about gaming is that you always get a second chance. Are you going to die? Then you just start again. If it’s up to Palmer Luckey, that’s about to change. The founder of the VR company Oculus has designed a virtual reality headset that can kill people in real life. When they die in-game with the headset on, they die in real life too.

Luckey says his killer headset and accompanying game are inspired by the Japanese anime series Sword Art Online . In this series, gamers are trapped in a virtual reality game. When the gamers in the online role-playing game die, it also means the end of their lives in the real world because of the horrific NerveGear headset.

In Luckey’s game, players are also trapped in a virtual reality world. To escape this bizarre world, players must fight their way through a 100-storey dungeon. Can’t they get this? Then they will die in real life just like in the series.

Attached to Luckey’s VR goggles are three small explosives aimed at the player’s forehead. If the player dies in-game, a microwave transmitter will automatically go off, causing the player’s head to be blown up by the explosives. So no more second chance.


According to Luckey, the headset is an asset. “Through the threat of the real serious consequences, a game finally feels lifelike.” Luckey continues by stating that the device is not yet for sale. “Right now, VR glasses are just a piece of art that we display in our office. But this is, to my knowledge, the first non-fiction example of a VR device that can actually kill the user. It certainly won’t.” be the last.”

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