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Notorious Italian mafia boss arrested in Dubai: ‘Link with Taghi’


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Notorious Italian mafia boss arrested in Dubai: ‘Link with Taghi’

Raffaele Imperiale, who has been one of Italy’s most wanted criminals for years, has been arrested in Dubai. The mafia boss is said to have collaborated intensively with Dutch drug criminals, including Ridouan Taghi, because of cocaine trafficking.

This is reported by De Telegraaf and the Italian news agency Ansa. Imperiale is a member of the Camorra, the Neapolitan mafia.

Ansa writes that Imperiale was part of a drug cartel, which also included the Dutch criminal Ridouan Taghi. Taghi was arrested in 2019 and is stuck in the EBI in Vught, while a trial is underway against him. De Telegraaf writes that Taghi’s son is married to Imperiale’s daughter.

Few details are known about Imperiale’s arrest. He was allegedly arrested on August 4.

He started his career in drugs in 1996, after taking over a coffee shop in Amsterdam from his late brother. He became involved in large-scale cocaine trafficking.

In 2002 he got his hands on two paintings by Vincent van Gogh, which had been stolen from the Van Gogh Museum. They were only found in 2016 during a raid on his home in Naples.

According to the Italian authorities, Imperiale has been living a life of luxury in Dubai in recent years.

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