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Nun from ‘The Nun II’ drags film studio Warner Bros. to court


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If there’s one person you don’t want trouble with, Valak from The Nun. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. got into trouble with her because the terrifying Nun was taking the film studio to court.

Actress Bonnie Aarons took on the role of Valak in the horror film The Nun in 2018. The Conjuring spin-off became a huge success, prompting Aarons to return for the upcoming The Nun II. For her role in the original, the actress received approximately $ 366,000 (including bonuses). According to Aarons, however, that is only part of the amount she is entitled to. For example, the indictment, which Insider has seen, says that she received from Warner Bros. a portion of the income from the merchandise that is based on the Nun. “Instead of being transparent, Warner Bros. is hiding the actual amount Aarons is entitled to. Meanwhile, they continue to exploit her”, as stated in the indictment.

The Nun was released in 2018 and unexpectedly became a great success. Despite many negative reviews, the film grossed more than $365 million worldwide. This makes it the most successful project in The Conjuring series to this day.

Despite the lawsuit, Aaron will once again be terrifying moviegoers from September 7 as Valak in The Nun II. The film takes place four years after the first part, this time in France. After a priest is murdered, Sister Irene investigates again. In this way, she discovers that the Valak still has a bone to pick with her.



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