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Parents in Pattaya call an exorcist for their disturbed daughter


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Parents in Pattaya call an exorcist for their disturbed daughter

A concerned couple from Pattaya called an exorcist instead of a psychologist after their depressed daughter began chatting incoherently and carrying a knife.

After this spread through a community in Pattaya, an army of reporters soon came to the home of 58-year-old mother “Kai”, 58 and her husband, to see their 32-year-old daughter, “Nong Mai”, “healed”. ”.

In the media show, the two self-proclaimed exorcists, Jeerapan Petchkhao alias “Mor Pla” and Thanawat Chaosamut alias “Ko Boy” tried to get the woman to contact the ghosts that haunted her by communicating with them.

“It was a miracle that nothing happened”

The woman’s parents said they thought their daughter was being haunted by a ghost as she appeared emotionally disturbed, spoke incoherently and began carrying a knife. At no point did they think of seeking medical or psychological help for their daughter.

The exorcists, ironically, had a better handle on reality and contacted the Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan Foundation in case they tried to use the knife. But Nong Mai did not, and calmly at the time of the exorcism.

Jeerapan and her Thanawat said they believed the woman was just heartbroken after her dating her boyfriend and suggested they talk it out with him.

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