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Pattaya artfully paints quiet streets, at possible safety costs


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The Municipal Works Department has painted Soi 5 on Pratamnak and the intersection leading to Yin Yom Beach in all kinds of bright rainbow colours, complete with pretty arrows and street names chalked on the sidewalk.

While the artwork adds colour to a popular tourist area, it also confuses some motorists, leading to questions about safety. Thailand already holds the third-worst road safety record in the world.

An employee of the municipal works emphasized that the symbols and strangely coloured zebra crossings are being brightened up in areas with little traffic, in addition, Thai law does not prescribe that zebra crossings must be painted in white in any case.

The paintwork is approximately 80 per cent complete and will be done in conjunction with the addition of wheelchair-accessible ramps and improvements to provide designated space for street vendors and motorcycles.

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