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Pattaya barmaids arrested for allegedly violating Covid restrictions while streaming live


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Last night in Pattaya, 29 unemployed “bar girls” (and one foreigner) were arrested by the Chonburi police. They are said to have broken Covid19 rules when they gathered in a small area to Livestream performances for foreign clients.

These freelancers reportedly filmed themselves solo or in groups dancing and “interacting” with guests for virtual drinks that could be redeemed as a commission.

However, their spontaneous undertaking was wiped out in one fell swoop when a Chonburi special police unit raided to end the alleged illegal meeting in Banglqmung.

Chonburi police claimed that live streaming is becoming more popular as bar girls are out of work due to Covid19-p restrictions. They add that the entertainment sector has not received any financial support from the government.

The Covid19 restrictions dictate that all entertainment venues in Thailand had to be closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. This has left an estimated tens of thousands of people out of work in Pattaya alone. By some estimates, 80% of Pattaya’s GDP comes from tourism.

The names of these female freelancers were not mentioned in the media.

Police Colonel Thanawut Chongchara expressed his condolences to both the unemployed and those trying to find a new source of income. However, he says the “common problem” is having small groups together without adhering to proper social distancing rules. He did not comment on the solo work or whether he was a fan of the videos.

The women were taken to a local police station for further legal proceedings, with the live streaming equipment taken as evidence.

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