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Pattaya hotel manager steals 35k from tourist


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Pattaya hotel manager steals 35k from tourist

News media in Pattaya have reported the arrest of a 39-year-old hotel manageress who stole 35,000 baht and $100 dollars in cash from the room of an Argentinian tourist.

Sathida “Sanda” Sae-tia was arrested outside McDonald’s yesterday after fleeing the “Chachacha Hotel”.

In an effort at mitigation, she claimed to be friends with the tourist who lent her the cash

Irina Cueva, 22, woke up last Thursday to find that the money was missing from a locker in her room, Room B.

She confronted the manageress who admitted taking it – she promised to return it.

When she didn’t and fled the hotel, the tourist went to the police

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