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Pattaya Mayor Launches Again “Short- to Long-Term” Plans to Resolve Floods


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Pattaya Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome said the city was diligently working on short-, medium- and long-term solutions to its flooding problems. Meanwhile, drainage pipes would be laid all over the city.

With unusual storms already warning of a particularly wet rainy season, the mayor once again, perhaps unnecessarily, said he has both short- and long-term plans to deal with flooding.

Sonthaya Kunplome repeated his message that he released in October and said that on February 16 there will be short, medium and long term solutions.

One short-term project is already underway: a new drainage system up to the parallel track to be completed by 2023.

Other short-term solutions include replacing old drainage pipes less than one meter wide, digging new drainage channels and dredging large channels to discharge the wastewater to the sea.

The medium-term plan calls for the repair and installation of new pumps in six stations in the city. This has reduced previous flood discharge times from two hours to 30-45 minutes, he claimed.

Mayor Sonthaya also claimed that the medium-term solutions had reduced previous flood discharge times from two hours to 30-45 minutes.

The long-term plan has not been funded and is currently only a “plan” to resolve flooding and drainage at a system-wide, city-wide level. The Ministry of Public Works and Spatial Planning would be tasked with measuring and designing a new drainage system.

Finally, the mayor proposed extending the current sewage treatment infrastructure beyond the current two processing plants. The first step would be to repair the reservoir on Soi Wat Boon so that it can actually process the reservoir 40,000 cu meters per day for which it was designed. Currently, it can only handle half.

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