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Pattaya plans to accelerate Jomtien’s expansion project so that it will be completed by peak season


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The Chonburi Marine Department, in conjunction with relevant agencies and officials, plans to advance the timeline for the Jomtien Beach expansion after what they call the project’s success so far on the beach of After Jomtien.

Some time ago news outlets reported on the beach expansion, with sand being added to the heavily eroded part of the beach near popular seafood restaurants near the end of Jomtien Beach Road.

The project is considered a success by Na Jomtien municipal officials, stating that many people, especially at night, are currently enjoying the beach and area that was previously almost completely eroded.

In fact, some parts of the recently expanded beach have become a bit too popular as local restaurants have moved service to the beach, which is not without controversy due to the sensitive issue of state property infringement.

In the first phase the project which extended the beach from five meters to fifty-one meters, the project will move on to phase two of three phases intended to eventually extend all of Jomtien Beach to Dongtan Beach.

Phase two would be the “central” part of the beach from around the Dragon Beach Resort area for about 2.5 kilometers. The final phase, the most popular area near Dongtan Beach and the Dongtan Police Box, is not expected to take place until 2023 at the earliest.

Ekkarat Kantharo, director of the Pattaya Port Office and the Pattaya Marine Department, spoke to local reporters by phone and confirmed that, due to its success, the project would go ahead, with the aim of completing it during this year’s peak season. , probably as early as November. Previously, phase two was unlikely to continue until possibly the end of the year or early next year. This is due to several factors, including the project’s popularity and readiness for what is expected to be the first major peak season in three years due to Covid-19.

Ekkarat also stated that the capacity of the sand dredgers used for the project will be doubled, in order to speed up the project, which planners hope will benefit local entrepreneurs and tourists by further expanding the beach, similar to with Na Jomtien nu and Pattaya Beach, which he says have both become much more popular (especially at night) with the extensive beach.

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