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Prayut leads celebrations to mark King’s birthday


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Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha led some 3,500 people and government officials to give alms to 670 monks and novices at Sanam Luang to make merit on the occasion of the 66th birthday of His Majesty the King.


The PM (General Prayut), privy councillors, the National Legislative Assembly president, the Supreme Court presidents, heads of independent organisations, the Bangkok city clerk, permanent secretaries of all ministries and heads of state firms joined the public in the alms-giving.

At 7.50am, the prime minister led government officials to a stage for an oath-taking ceremony. They pledged that they would be good officials and the “force of the land”.

The oath-taking ceremony started at 8am with the prime minister leading the officials to sing the national anthem.

The prime minister then paid respects to the King’s portrait and read a prepared speech that said he, government officials and members of the public were happy to take part in simultaneous rites around the country to celebrate the King’s birthday.

The prime minister said people appreciated His Majesty’s various activities to help his subjects get over their grievances.

Thai people also appreciated the “We Do Good With Hearts” voluntary programme initiated by His Majesty, which allows members of the public to become volunteers to do good deeds in the King’s name.

Prayut said he, government officials and the people of Thailand would like to invite the power of the three gems of the Buddha and all sacred things in the universe to wish the King a happy birthday and good health.

Prayut then led government officials to read an oath that they would all be good officials and work with integrity and determination to solve the country’s problems and serve the people as well as adhere to good morality as taught by their religions.

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