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Pregnant woman still in coma 5 months after massage


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A 26-year-old woman went into a coma after going for a Thai massage in Chiang Mai Province. No one should be specifically blamed or attacked in cases like this as it is not recommended for a pregnant woman to get Thai massages unless it is done by a trained professional who knows how to properly massage pregnant woman for the safety of the child and to avoid cases like this from happening.

The family of the woman has come out to the public asking for the massage shop to take responsibility for what has happened. They claim that medical fees have reached over 300,000 THB. The family stated that they have had to sell everything they own, even their closet in their home.


It has been 6 months since Wirawan 26 years old went into a coma while she was getting massaged. Wirawan was 6 months pregnant on the day of the incident. She had fainted right on the massage bed and also had a miscarriage. Wirawan still struggles with seizures every day requiring a family member to stay with her at all times.


Chaiwat 54 years old, the uncle of Wirawan traveled to the Phuping Kratchniwet Police in Chiang Mai on the 14th of this month (14 June 2019). Chaiwat went to negotiate with Inkaew Chaisri 81 years old the owner of the massage shop.


Chaiwat reported that after the incident, the massage shop gave 20,000 THB to the family. But, for 5 months the family has spent over 300,000 THB and they have come to a point where there is nothing to sell. Chaiwat is ready to take the issue to higher government sectors as the family hopes that this can end soon.

The investigation police are gathering evidence including medical documents relating to the case. It is clear that pregnant women are extremely advised to not have any messages. Inkaew has promised to give the family 30,000 THB more in hopes to help the family out.

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